About Us


Women in Consulting Engineering (WCE) is a community devoted to supporting and empowering women in engineering and increasing gender diversity and inclusion in our industry.


FUN: A forum for meeting other women within a casual setting.

ACCESSIBLE: Our group is supported by sponsorship to ensure our events stay affordable for everyone.

SERVE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS: Provide a support network for women in industry with topics tailored to career development and mentorship.

FREQUENT: Regular events and newsletters to maintain open dialogue and build stronger connections.

INCLUSIVE: WCE is a safe space for women, those who identify as women, and men who champion women.

ADAPTABLE: We will keep members part of the conversation to ensure WCE is serving all member needs, with the flexibility to adapt to new initiatives.

CONNECT WITH COMMUNITY: Partnering with existing organizations to encourage more young women and girls to pursue careers in STEM.

We want to make a difference and impact positive change in our industry

For questions, or additional details, please email us at vancouver.wce@gmail.com