Board of Directors

Kelsie Priest, P.Eng

Co-Chair, Programming Director
Structural | Glotman Simpson

Kelsie Priest is a Project Engineer at Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers specializing in the structural design of concrete and wood-frame projects in British Columbia, Washington, and California.  Kelsie graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2014.  Since graduating, Kelsie has been actively engaged in the recruitment and retention of women in engineering through speaking to and mentoring University and High School aged women.  She is proud to be a founding director of WCE to drive greater inclusion within the engineering community and connect women engineers with the support and resources they need to be successful in their careers. 

Sophie Warwick, MEng, P.Eng

Co-Chair, Communication Director
Structural | Entuitive

Sophie Warwick is a Project Engineer at Entuitive with over 5 years of structural design experience in residential and commercial concrete and wood-frame design primarily in Western Canada. Sophie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Western Ontario followed by her Master of Structural and Earthquake Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 2018. She is a member of the Gender Balance Pillar at Entuitive where she advocates for equity, diversity and inclusion internally and in the engineering industry. Sophie is proud to be a founding Director of WCE and is blown away by the supportive community that continues to build.

Chunpreet Sahota, MEng, P.Eng

Logistics Director
Structural | WSP

Chunpreet is a Structural Engineer at WSP in the Buildings group with over 12 years of experience in the engineering industry. Her focus is mainly on light industrial projects, however she has had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects including schools, cultural sites, transit and transportation, and government projects. Chunpreet is an active advocate at WSP and in the engineering community to curate spaces where all feel safe and welcome to bring their whole selves to everyday. She is specifically proud of the success that WCE has had in its first couple of years and cannot wait to see where this organisation goes and the impact that it has on current and future engineers!

Emily Farquharson, EIT

Outreach Director
Structural | RJC

“I love engineering because I get to combine my creative and my practical sides to solve challenging problems. It’s satisfying to have a better understanding of the world around me, and to have even a small part in its development.”

Karine Poliquin, P.Eng

Membership Director
Civil | Associated Engineering

Karine is a Civil Engineer at Associated Engineering, and has worked in the consulting engineering industry for 7 years. Karine started off her career path as a Structural E.I.T., but after three years switched her focus to a broader civil engineering discipline. Most of her work now involves low-volume road design and assessments, and bridge and culvert replacements, with projects spanning across BC, Alberta, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. During the winter season, she is involved in ice road engineering projects in northern Canada.

During her spare time, Karine enjoys hiking, baking, and experimenting with food and wine pairings.

Mikayla Morrey, EIT

Sponsorship Director
Structural | WSP

Mikayla Morrey is a structural Engineer-in-Training at WSP. Graduating from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Applied Science in 2018, Mikayla started her career designing electrical substations and working on transmission and distribution projects for BC Hydro. After three years she switched industries to work with WSP in their buildings group. Mikayla has recently joined WCE’s Vancouver Diversity Committee as Programming Director and is excited to plan events that facilitate meaningful conversation and spark positive change. Mikayla’s passion for gender diversity and equity in engineering is what drives her in her role as Sponsorship Director at WCE. Being a founding Director for WCE is one of Mikayla’s proudest achievements as her work empowers and supports fellow women in industry.

Victoria Camp, P.Eng

Mentorship Director
Geological | BGC Engineering

Victoria is a Geological Engineer with BGC Engineering. She has been with BGC since completing her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia in 2015. Victoria has worked in the pipeline and mining industries, performing site investigations, quality assurance monitoring on dam construction, and completing various geotechnical assessments. Victoria has worked on projects in British Columbia, Northwest Territories and Ontario.

Outside of work, in addition to her involvement in WCE, Victoria is actively involved in inspiring the next batch of female leaders through her involvement with the Girl Guides of Canada. She also loves bundling up for long walks on rainy Vancouver days.

Holly Tucker, EIT

Finance Director
Structural | Glotman Simpson

“I am a recent graduate from the University of Victoria in Civil Engineering, and I am working for Glotman Simpson Consulting Engineers, as a field engineer. I am super excited to be joining WCE as the finance director. For as long as I can remember I have been apart of leadership clubs or held leadership roles. Most recently, in my last year of university my friend and I started the UVIC seismic design team, which gave me the opportunity to improve on both my leadership and communication skills. I am a super active individual, and most of my time outside of work is spent doing anything related to exercise, I love to run, hike, bike, golf, ski etc. I am also coaching two youth soccer teams this year, which has been a great experience overall. I am excited to continue to see the growing community of female engineers, and I am looking forward to making new connections and promoting diversity in our industry through WCE.”

Lauren Semancik, CPHR

Board Adviser
Director HR + Operations | Glotman Simpson

“I started my human resources career working with an environmental engineering firm, learning the flow + dynamics of the professional services industry at an incredible company.  After a short stint running my own HR consultancy, I’ve come back to my roots of engineering as the Director of HR + Operations at Glotman Simpson, a leader in the structural engineering realm.  I think there’s always been a calling for me in professional services and more specifically engineering consulting. I thrive in the fast-paced, forward-thinking, innovative and creative space the industry provides.  Together with this, supporting WCE as board advisor has been a very proud moment in my career. Watching the organization flourish and knowing we’re making a meaningful impact + contributing to positive change brings me the greatest joy.  I may not be an engineer by trade, but I’m absolutely one at heart!”