WCE Mentorship Initiatives

What is Mentorship?  

Mentorship is an opportunity for community members to connect with one another, offer their expertise, and gain perspectives on topics they may themselves need guidance on. For women in engineering, it is one of the essential cornerstones of supporting each other.

WCE Mentorship Mission

  1. Provide a safe place for members to connect
  2. Develop a reliable, supportive community outside of work 
  3. Encourage diversity in discussion topics from technical to career development 
  4. Create lifelong connections
  5. Encourage peer-to peer support

Upcoming Events

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WCE’s Peer-to-Peer Approach

One of the main concepts of mentorship is “anyone can be a mentor,” and we want to promote this through our different event types. Our main mentorship mixer aims to engage with mentors from different experience levels and seniority, whether they have 5 or 25 years of experience.

We want to provide an opportunity for our intermediate members to flex those mentoring muscles and encourage them to offer their experience to our younger members. In contrast, we want the same for our more experienced members, where they can find others with similar levels of experience. Conceptually, mentorship is not only provided by senior members to younger members, but it also happens among peers. Anyone can be a mentor!

Mentorship Program Elements

Annual In-Person Fall Event

Our annual mentorship mixer offers great opportunities for mentees and mentors of various industries to connect with each other. Throughout our inception, we have held this event with the goal of matching mentors and mentees under discussion topics that are currently relevant. Topics have included burnout, career transitions, and adapting to the new norm. The rotating style of the event easily allows participants to touch on pertinent discussion topics and meet others in the industry.

Annual Virtual Spring Event

The spring mentorship mixer aims to bring a more accessible mentoring event to our members by holding the event online. This virtual mixer is a novel and unique experience aiming to bring mentorship to the comfort of your home. Mentees and mentors are divided into breakout rooms with desired topics chosen beforehand using the same format as the in-person fall event.

Quarterly Group Sessions (virtual or in person)

With our new group session initiative, we aim to provide a more intimate mentoring experience. These smaller virtual events feature 1 or 2 mentors with approximately 10 mentees. This is a great opportunity to connect with the WCE community in a more casual and quieter environment, and with a shorter time commitment than our larger events.

Continual Drop-In Mentorship

The drop-in mentorship initiative provides a chance for our members to ask their ongoing mentorship-related questions via an anonymous form on our website. With this format, we are hoping the WCE community can have the support they need throughout the year, in addition to connecting with mentors at our events. We aim to answer these questions as part of our newsletters and social media campaigns so that all our members can benefit. 

Join Us


If you would like to support WCE mentorship initiatives as a mentor, please use the following form to join our community.


If you would like to participate as a mentee in our event, keep an eye out for upcoming events on our website or social media.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at mentorship@wcevancouver.com

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